About Me

Living life because it’s golden.

I’m a creative, mother, collaborator who is actively curious about life, culture, aesthetics and all things womanhood.

I’m also self-starter driven by the need to self-actualise personally, professionally and creatively. Most importantly, I’m a mother to a chilled and fun baby girl. I am Ivorian-British, with a deep appreciation and interest in my culture, print, books, communications as well as a love for artisanal things! I love kente, wax print and brass. I love meaning, conversations, sisterhood. I love the colours blue: cobalt; sapphire blue and yellow: golden/mustard-tinted yellow. I adore alloco (fried plantain); pasta; seafood; foufou-light-soup; foutou-palmnut-soup; attiéké; tchiep; couscous and of course, a good glass of red occasionally, preferably a Malbec or Shiraz these days.

Other projects include:

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