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The Self

My journey had begun. Oblivious to its purpose, not ever did I steer its desire. I strolled around on life’s trail and by exploring the world, I found myself.

I shed the layers of veils that had held me captive from embracing the fullness of my beauty. Beauty is a burning desire within to love oneself, that graces the exterior. It extends beyond my features, my curves or even the colour of my skin.

In a world built by man on desire, in which beauty is a concept that has a precise colour, a definite shape and a particular face with specific traits, that will never be my own. The struggle was simple for I knew who I was.

If at times I have shed a tear, It was to see others struggle on their journey, struggling to remain captives In what they thought to be real.

Time has passed, I am detached and free. I am singularly beautiful. Blessed by the heavens to simply be me. Should I compromise myself? To please you? It is not my destiny, nor your own.

— Melissa Zibi for AFRONOIRE

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