Embracing My Stretch Marks, incl. Re-Gen Oil Review



The first appearances of stretch marks on my body, (thighs in particular) in my mid-teens were as a result of yo-yo’ing weight issues. At first, they were not an issue as my lines were in absolute uniform with my skin tone, sometimes making me question if they were there at all. But the ones on my upper arms and back were visible and always made me feel uncomfortable, but I knew this feeling was rooted in the the complex relationship that I have with my body and fat. Even though I am consciously aware that stretch marks can appear on all bodies, it never did stop me from wanting to conceal or minimise their appearance.

I began to see beauty in my physical being because even though these lines were imperfect, I honoured the fact that my body was able.

Then came pregnancy at the age of 24. I can admit that the most superficial thing I was anxious about when pregnant with my daughter was the sudden appearance of stretch marks, particularly on my belly as I would often look at my growing bump everyday to see if they had made their appearance. Not that there’s a timeline for when they appear during pregnancy, but as I got further along, they grew one by one, slowly at first. Just when I thought I had defeated the stretch marks gods by only having a few lines many months into pregnancy, they invaded my belly’s surface overnight! Maybe they had always been there but the deflated balloon feel of my postpartum stomach certainly made them more noticeable. Even though I know that my stomach will never be the same, as it had changed dramatically (as did more else), I found myself embracing these particular lines and its textured feel — perhaps because of the story they hold. Childbirth was an empowering experience that shifted the way I perceived my body and what I defined to be its imperfections. I began to see beauty in my physical being because although these lines were imperfect, I honoured the fact that my body was able. Able to carry me and make me come through such an intense experience.

Nonetheless, I still engage with oils and butters that help reduce the appearance of what’s positively referred to as love lines — such as Re-Gen Oil and Continuous Spray. Formulated for stretch marks, anti-ageing, scars, dry skin and blemished skin, I mainly use the oil on my stomach and other stretch marked areas. For me, it’s been much more active in diminishing the look of blemishes in those areas rather than stretch marks but I don’t mind at all because I love the tamed scent of the oil and its light and dry feel. Dry oils are reputed to be rapidly absorbing and the oil’s regenerative ingredient PCL Liquid is the formula behind why this product manages to lock-in moisture. However, having dry skin and a larger skin surface means that I have to use this oil in greater quantity. Fortunately, Re-Gen Oil is competitively priced, making it affordable and worth a try as a new addition to your skincare regime.


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The Re-Gen range is available to buy from Asda, Home Bargains, Bodycare, Amazon and the official Re-Gen website, with prices starting at £4.14.


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