Eyes Wide Open, incl. W7 ‘Romanced’ Eye Colour Palette Review

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As much as it is about skill, attention to detail and even art, makeup is also about patience.

The patience to go through all the steps required to immaculately adorn your face, accentuate your features in order to achieve your desired look. But because I lack patience when it comes to make-up and hair, my go-to makeup routine has always been rapid, consisting of only 4 to 5 steps: powdered face; mascara, eyeshadow, lips (and sometimes eyebrows)

Because I am for some reason always touching my face, hunting for the next skin mole growth about my eyes or hair, my fingers wander eventually finding themselves forgetfully rubbing my eyes and smudging up my eyeliner. Urrgh. As such, I have substituted my black eyeliner for eyeshadow instead. However, I rarely wear full eyeshadow because I have hooded eyelids, meaning that my eyelids are covered my an extra layer of skin that droops over, making them appear smaller unless I am consciously raising my eyebrows to make them look as they do in the picture above.

Instead, I use eyeshadows on the inner corners of my eyes or wear it as an eyeliner on my under eye line. I initially begun to wear eyeshadow in this way after growing tired of wearing eyeliner on consecutive nights out and tried this method as a fun way to wear eyeshadow differently and to frankly make me look less tired and it worked! I liked the effect it created and since I did not and still don’t know how to ‘highlight’, I embraced this as my go-to highlighting ‘trick’.

w7 romanced palette eye strobe close-up.png

Popularly dubbed as ‘inner eye strobing’, I have now been using this technique for the last four years to bring a quick focus to my stare typically by using a luminous shade like ‘Passion’, ‘Valentine’ and ‘Amour’ from the W7 Romanced palette. These are my go-to shades because they’re the brightest and are glittery which also adds to brightening the eyes. The palette has 14 different shades of neutral tones with varying textures and names like ‘Desire’ which is a matte mahogany; ‘Date Night’ (matte terracotta); ‘Affair’ (deep chocolate) and Black Book (charcoal black). The conscious-consumer in me, tries to not let things go to waste and therefore tend to use eyeshadows in different ways too. To create my preferred go-to natural look, I will be using ‘Desire’ to contour my cheekbones area, anticipating that the results will be pleasant. I’m also thinking to step outside of my linear makeup comfort zone and use ‘Black Book’ for a smokey eye on my next night out, hoping that it would look fabulous or at least, be just right.

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Try it…

The W7 Cosmetics Romanced Eye Colour Palette can be purchased for £9.95 at www.w7cosmetics.co.uk

The product featured in this post is a PR item that was requested to review.*

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