On Happiness & Being Centred — Editor's Journal #3

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I once heard a buddhist monk say that, true happiness and fulfilment is contingent on one’s ability to remain centred whilst going through life’s ups and downs. He went on to explain that this 'centeredness' is achieved through the mastering of detachment. This is not the detachment from life itself, but from the materialistic things that we allow to dictate our happiness – our well-being. 

He gave the example of an experience many of us can relate to. It is this: when we have the things that we feel we should have, we are elated. When we don’t have the things we feel we should have, we are sad, oftentimes frustrated, annoyed and ultimately not happy.

Wellbeing [happiness] is not just a mere pleasurable sensation. It is a deep sense of serenity and fulfilment, a state that actually pervades and underlies all emotional states and all the joys and sorrow that can come one’s way. Happiness can only be a state of being, not just a fleeting emotion, sensation, joy - that can be the spring of happiness. Happiness is a self-perpetuating process.
— Matthieu Ricard

The term ‘well-being’ automatically tends to direct our thinking towards that of physical appearance rather than its spiritual aspect. Living in a society obsessed with the attainment of economic, gender, social, sexual and racial hierarchical power, we have come to place more importance on life’s wants rather than its necessities, in attempt to self-actualise — a goal that differs from society to society and individual to individual. 

Though the journey to happiness is personal, it is undeniable that being able to remain in that 'detached' space regardless of the conditions we are dealt with by life, is the sentiment we all strive to attain. As such, the features series noiretitude aims exactly to celebrate and embrace our different journeys towards this attainment of happiness, through nine statements, via which we honour 'ourselves' and our self-care practices.


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