Things I’ll miss: reading, red wine, food, intimacy, music, dance and documentary!


Just like I think about life and ways in which I can go forth and live the life that I have always imagined, I, from time to time think about death.

Perhaps it is macabre, but these moments allow me to shift things into perspective through the thinking lens of ‘the bigger picture’, purpose and my ‘why’. When I think about death, I think about all the things that truly make me happy that I will miss. Outside of my daughter, mother, sisters, brother and cherished relationships with dear friends, I think about how I’ll miss (in no particular order):

Prints, patterns and colour - there’s something undoubtedly beautiful about the combination of motifs, lines, shapes and their coming together to create patterns in colours that speak to the creative part of myself and expresses my aesthetic taste, plus much more.

Reading - the feeling of being transported through the words of others can sometimes feel magical, an escape. I love books that inspire, motivate me into taking action. I love literature that makes me laugh, encourages me to love, be daring. I love books that contribute to the expansion of my mind, acquisition of knowledge which all contributes to stretching my worldview – introducing me to new horizons, cultures and traditions. | Currently reading: Becoming, Michelle Obama.

Documentaries - I love storytelling so documentaries tend to be my go-to choice of television content. Like reading, it exposes me to the narratives of others. By watching and listening to the experiences of others, I learn and consequently think about my own narrative. It arouses questions of ‘why’s’, and ‘how’s’ that gets me to think about how I could be the best version of my human self, not only for me but for others too. | Last documentary watched: Christiane Amanpour - Love & Sex Around the World

Gallery of my favourite things…

Red Wine - there’s just something about this particular red liquid that tickles my tastes buds. It might be its versatility in terms of blends. Malbec, Merlot, Pinot Noir and Cabernet Sauvignon. There’s a blend to tickle my senses and make me exhale, when I occasionally need to.

Food - Ivorian food: attiéké, foufou. Seafood, pasta, aubergines, sweet potato, spinach, baguette, eggplant, kenke, hot sauce, avocado, mushrooms, omelette, dark chocolate, coffee, orange juice, pomegranate [I might come back to add to this].

Intimacy - the atmosphere of private space, achieved by soft lighting, candles, scents. The closeness of moments. The emotionally and /or sensual closeness to a lover are feelings I cherish. There’s just something sacred about those experiences that seem to create a mood of a possible elevation to something higher. Something bigger.

Music and dance - what need be said here? I love music’s ability to awaken physical expression. Slow, fast, exciting, sensual and fun, these are just some of the ways in which musical sounds incite a response within me. Dancing is part of the magical expression of myself which is a daily practice.

Etta JAmes, i’d rather be blind - an all-time favourite!

Current dance favourite: toofan, Gbessi gbeko

Whilst this is not a complete list of all the things I’ll miss once I cease to exist, they’re the ones that came to mind on the go. It would be wonderful if wherever we end up once we have passed on , is a ‘good place’ where we do indeed get to experience all of the things that makes us feel happy, elevated — simply feel good. Until then, I’ll endeavour to consciously experience as much of these feel-good things as possible, before the time for my soul’s progression meets me.