A Deluxe Delight!


Pomades!  Well, that word takes me back to my childhood, with my mum doing my hair and if I moved too much, she would knock me upside the head with the comb!  Those were the days of real hair nightmares!  But on a lighter note; I want tell you about Ni Ka Deluxe Golden Hair Pomade.  I really like this product.  It's a pomade with a light texture and a strong, lasting scent.  I used it on wet hair (my hair is semi-permed/texturised) and to me, it’s a way of getting oil into my hair without having to actually use an oil and all that goes along with it (mess everywhere and the oil just sitting on the hair without penetrating).  It gives the hair a lovely shine, doesn’t weigh it down and the hair remains light, has body, bounce and movement.  It makes the hair look so healthy and thick!  I would quite happily use this instead of an oil because it doesn’t weigh down the hair, but it has coconut oil, castor oil and jojoba oil among others, so I’m getting the benefit of using oils.  Definitely one to try.

Words: Deborah Asare