Africa Utopia - experience, arts, culture, architecture, trade and technology from and inspired by the continent


It is not to late to catch The SouthBank Centre's 2nd edition of Africa Utopia - a 3 day event that promises a wealth of talks, debates, exhibitions and activities, covering art, culture, technology, entertainment, politics and more.  The aim? 'To come together to discuss [and experience] great innovations, people and progress across the continent and share ideas for positive change in Africa.' With a day pass for the following dates, you'll be able to experience:

Business, trade, education and technology

Friday 12th September Day Pass: Full day of panels, talks and workshops looking at how business, trade and education is shaping the continent and how Africa can solve the world's problems.

Arts and culture, politics and social change

Saturday 13th September Day Pass: Topics under discussion include the rise and rise of African literature, contemporary African art and the global market, Nollywood and beyond, women and peace building and FGM.

Urban spaces, architecture, politics and art

Sunday 14th September Day Pass: Topics under discussion include design and the new African aesthetic, architecture and rethinking Africa's urban spaces, Africa and the Caribbean, re-imagining Africa, Africa in the contemporary arts, African mixed-race identities, diaspora philanthropy and the power of music and performance to create social change.

This massive event wouldn't be complete without its own marketplace in the Royal Festival Hall, where you'll be able to purchase one-of-kinds, pieces and more. And of course, the food market - will include Ethiopian coffee, East African street food and Zoe's Ghana Kitchen's twist on Ghanaian street food.

Other exciting events include:

ALESANDRA SEUTIN FEATURING AYANNA – This Is Not Black (Ceci n'est pas Noire) - Dance, theatre, spoken word and song by Alesandra Seutin with live music by Ayanna Witter-Johnson

ATINUKE - AFRICAN STORYTELLING An appearance by African storyteller and author Atinuke

AFRICA CALLING - Contemporary Design Showcase by new and established designers from Africa and the diaspora.

AFRIKAN YOGA - This form of yoga is known for its use of rhythmic movements, helping to warm up the body in order to perform postures.

CLUB AFRICA - Southbank Centre's Summer Collective curate an African dance party.

KINSHASA SYMPHONY - The extraordinary orchestra and chorus with an inspiring story perform in London for the first time

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