BEAUTY TALK: Beauty Is Campaign has launched a petition against the skin bleaching of children

The online petition calls for Jane Ellison, Public Health Minister to criminalise the sale and use of all skin bleaching products on children. The petition has been initiated by Toyin Agbetu (Ligali) can be signed here.


Until I watched the episode of mothers who bleached themselves and the skin of their children on the Tyra Banks Show, I had no idea some parents even practised this. It was truly shocking to see that some parents would subject their children to what I view to be a form of abuse. But of course, these actions are as a result of deep-rooted issues that we need to address as society. I offer some simple suggestions in: Dencia’s Negative Exploitation Of Beauty


About the campaign

In 2013, whilst researching for his new film 'Beauty Is...', the filmmaker was horrified to discover that anyone could obtain illegal skin bleaching products through the internet. To test whether his suspicions were true Agbetu placed an order with the online retail giant Amazon. Within a couple of weeks he received a package through the post containing cosmetics banned from sale in the UK due to them containing hydroquinone, a cancer inducing chemical.


After contacting his local trading standards office to investigate he was able to claim a small victory when the Principal Commercial Standards Officer wrote:


“I was able to see different products containing hydroquinone were still available on the site so I enquired what Amazon were intending to do about this issue. In response they removed these listings.”


Sadly, a year later (April 2014) he was once again able to order a tub of “Nadinola Skin Discoloration Fade Cream, Extra Strength Formula, 2.25 oz.” from


This time Agbetu has launched a petition calling for the UK government to close legal loopholes enabling this skin bleaching problem to persist. You can sign the petition here