Beauty School: 5 Common Makeup Mistakes


Do you spend hours looking for the perfect foundation?  Is shopping for makeup such a chore that it puts you off wearing makeup completely?  Well, AfroNoire has come to your rescue with 5 common makeup mistakes and how to avoid them.

1. Foundation Faux Pas

Finding the perfect foundation shade can sometimes be difficult as women of colour often do not have one even skintone throughout their whole body (i.e. different shades on face, neck and décolletage).  The neck, mouth and forehead tend to be darker than the cheeks, so it’s important to find a foundation that evens out your entire face, enhances your natural beauty and covers the blemishes.

One of the biggest mistakes is testing foundation on the back of our hands.  That’s a big makeup no, no!  There are great services on the high street that can help you find your perfect match; MAC offer a free foundation match consultation and Boots also have the ‘Match Made’ service in which they use a device to read your skin and precisely match it to their No7 True of Shades Foundation and Concealer.

2. Bad Application

Makeup should enhance your features, not cover them up, so to avoid leaving harsh lines around the jawbone area; make sure to blend, blend blend if you're using your fingers, or try using a professional makeup brush, such as the Real Technique brushes (find it in Boots, Superdrug or other high street stores).  Using a makeup brush will ensure you get even coverage whilst keeping the look quite natural.  Remember to wash your makeup brushes weekly as oil, dirt and bacteria can get trapped in the bristles, which can cause your skin to breakout.  It’s as simple as a using a warm bowl of water, some baby shampoo and a lint-free cloth.

Joan Small is the perfect example of how makeup can enhance your natural beauty.

3. Better Brows

Like your wardrobe, your eyebrows are constantly evolving and changing.  Just think of all the horrors we’ve put our eyebrows through.  I know you’re thinking; “why did people let me walk around looking like that?”  Don’t worry, we’ve all been there, and once-upon-a-time shaving your eyebrows and drawing in a single line was the makeup trend.  However, just because something is a trend it doesn’t mean its a good idea.  Avoid this look at all costs!  There is nothing more beautiful than a natural brow, so don’t try to get rid of it; define your browline by using either an eyebrow pencil or eyebrow kit like the Benefit Brow Zing brow kit.  It works a treat, but be gentle and build-up the shade and shape until you’re happy with the final result.

4. Blush Blunders

Using a blusher that is either too dark or too light is a mistake a lot of women of colour make. Blushers are a great way of warming up your face and enhancing the natural orange and red tones in your skin.  The best way to sculpt your cheekbones is to choose vibrant cream colours with red and orange tones.  Make sure you blend upwards and outwards towards the hairline to enhance your cheekbones and use a powder blush over the top.  This will make the colour last longer.

5. Prep with a Primer

The problem with moisturising foundations is that as the day goes on, our skin gets oilier, which means that a moisturising foundation can add shine to your face.  To prevent this, use an oil free, silicone based mattifying primer.  This will keep you looking matte and make sure that your foundation stays on for longer.

So, we’ve covered the basics and now it’s your turn.  Makeup is about individuality so don’t be afraid to express yourself.  Lay down the perfect foundation for your masterpiece and be adventurous with eyes and lips.  Remember, less is more and blend, blend blend..!