BEAUTY TALK: Black Hair Story with Krystle Dos Santos


The air feels electric as Krystle Dos Santos winds down from the second-to-last song in her set.  It’s only 10:30 on Sunday morning and a horde of blues-lovers have gathered in the streets to dance away the afternoon. They are completely taken by her music; her groove.

Black Hair Story with Krystle Dos Santos

Krystle’s giant curly fro is a big part of her brand.  “People recognize me because l have a big afro.”  It isn’t just black women that drool over her perfect coils.  Krystle says, when her hair was straight people told her she didn’t look like… Krystle. “When my second album came out and I had dead straight hair with a straight fringe people were like ‘I don’t see you in this picture.’”  Krystle has not always had such buoyant healthy hair.  “I dated a hairdresser for three years and he helped me keep my hair healthy and growing.  My hair was about shoulder length while curly when one summer my mom suggested I lighten up my look a little bit.” Krystle agreed and went to a local hairdresser for the dye job.  The hairdresser left bleach in her hair for one hour.  Krystle’s hair went dead straight—pun intended.  After cutting all her hair off, growing it out, cutting it off again, growing it out… Krystle realized the two things she was doing wrong; chemicals and heat.

“I treat my hair like a baby now.”  Krystle’s family is from Guyana. She explains her heritage as a mix of Chinese, Portuguese, African, East Indian, European and Amerindian.  Her hair type is a mixture of 3B & 3C. Krystle’s parents were completely lost when it came to taking care of her hair. “My mom took me to black hairdressers when I was younger and we did weaves, braids, cutting it short—everything. It wasn’t until my 20s that I realized curly hair is beautiful.”  Krystle has taken her musical career to Vancouver, but finding products for her hair is no easy feat. Krystle can be a bit of a hair scientist when her juices start flowing.  “I’ll mix mayo, eggs, olive oil vodka, beer—whatever I can find in my house to make my own hair masks.”

Black Hair Story with Krystle Dos Santos

Krystle’s favorite hair products are:

  • Coconut oil
  • Biotin tablets
  • Cantu conditioner
  • Ojon Animated Styling Cream

Krystle’s favourite styling tools are:

  • Fingers!
  • Wide toothed comb
  • Loose hair elastics to pineapple your hair at night
  • Plastic bags
  • Things you find around your house
What's your Hair Story?
Images:, Krystle dos Santos
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