Breastfeeding anytime and anywhere! The babies love it! [PHOTOS]


Breastfeeding is the most intimate way via which mother and child bond. Not only is the act of breastfeeding beautiful, it should be celebrated not because in our western society it's an act of activism or defiance but because it's the best thing mothers (should they choose to) can do for their children because of its incomparable, immediate, long-term and amazing health benefits for both mother and child. In light of the recent breastfeeding mania regarding Karlesha Thurman - a mother captured in a photo, breastfeeding her child on her graduation day, we've been inspired to curate a selection of photos showcasing women from different cultures feeding their child, to further celebrate this act rather then criticise it because after is not only natural but necessary!

Source: Charnwood

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Kokeb Negussie breastfeeding her son Moges

Breastfeeding in the streets of Antigua

Mother breastfeeding her new born for the first time

Giselle Bundchen breastfeeds whilst getting ready

Markeus Fleute

Kokeb Negussie breastfeeding her son Moges

Bo Cage Carlson Luca Gargano1 Luca Gargano

Isis breast-feeding young Horus


On a final note, I will quote Rebecca Schiller and concur that: 'This isn't a breastfeeding problem. It is an issue that feminists need to take up, especially those who haven't yet engaged with the inequalities women face when they become mothers.'


Image Source: Flickr & Google