COLUMN: We all need love


In light of the recent passing of the phenomenal comedian Robin Williams, I have put much thought to what would cause someone to ultimately give up on life. I am a Christian and therefore I hold the belief that we, each and every one of us, have been put on earth for a purpose. It is this understanding of my existence that drives me to fulfil my goals. I am motivated by the thought of not just succeeding for myself, but also being able to share this joy with my family and friends. Love has taken me out of dark situations. Love has challenged me to believe in more. Love has given me the strength to carry on in spite of discouraging circumstances.

From the youngest of us, who will crave devotion and beg for one more kiss before the lights go out…to the oldest of us, enjoying the company of youth when we know our care home will the last place we reside. Love is a noun, it is a verb, it brings life.

I cannot begin to fathom what Mr Williams went through, the mental torment of voices was obviously too unbearable. I do not know his story; neither would I be so bold to say what should have been done to prevent this fatal end.

However, what I can say is that love has the power to save a wilting heart. So take time to appreciate those around you. Hug your spouse for that little bit longer; tell your parents that you value them; and be the nonjudgmental ear to your friend’s worries.

It may well seem insignificant to you at first, yet soon, I can almost guarantee that the seeds of compassion and empathy that you sow will bear fruit. By exuding positivity around you, you will attract people with the same energy that you need to spur yourself on!