Crowning Glory

To Weave OR Not To Weave?

Crowning Glory is a new play by Somalia Seaton that seeks to reveal a hidden world of unobtainable beauty by asking the question, how do women truly see themselves in today’s world? Featuring an all-female cast, this funny, raw and thought-provoking show is set to provide a fresh take on the long-standing debate surrounding the use of wigs, weaves and hair products in a bid to achieve the promise of ‘westernised beauty’. The show will run at Theatre Royal Stratford East from Thursday 17 October – Saturday 9 November.  


Crowning Glory Image (2)

Told through the eyes of seven women, Crowning Glory features a series of interwoven monologues to convey the Black British female experience. With interviews from members of the public interspersed throughout the piece, the show explores and reflects upon contemporary issues that, whilst discussed extensively online and through social media, often go unheard in the mainstream press. 

Playwright Somalia Seaton who will see her work presented as a full-scale production for the first time said: “In a world led by unobtainable, unrealistic images of beauty, sexual objectification and celebrity idols, I wanted to write a play that raises questions about how we perceive our own beauty and who sets these ideals. Speaking from my own experience as a woman in my twenties, I felt that this was an issue that needed to be spoken about on a grander platform and one which I hope will inspire audiences to think more consciously about their own perceptions of beauty.”