The curse of the curves


Recently, I met up with a few colleagues for a meeting. As I sat down and scanned the room, it immediately dawned on me that I was by far the largest female to be present. Just to slip in, I had my BMI checked earlier this year and according to the charts, I seem to be in the green region. Yet that did not counteract my insecurities in any way, shape or form. The expression ‘elephant in the room’ suddenly held more of a literal than a metaphorical stance.

It’s all relative

This traumatic episode, which lasted close to three hours, caused me to dig out some of the jargon I was fed as a student. There will always be a group that you do not fit into, thus a minority will constantly exist. At your workplace for instance, you might be the only or one of few women of African or Caribbean descent, subsequently placing you in the category of being outnumbered. Whereas amongst your family your ethnicity would place you in the majority, however your smoking habit might label you as a minority.

A woman or a whale?

Going back to my story, no one said anything about my fabric-burdening thighs and with hindsight; perhaps I was the only person who realised that there was a significant difference between my dress size and those that were sat around the table with me. Could it be that, we often find ourselves in such situations, as we are unsure about our beauty? Or is it that we  have rather created a crater between how we view ourselves, with our definition of physical attractiveness?

A moment on the lips…

For me, my main concern is not with whether one has curves or not, but if one is maintaining a healthy diet. The types of food consumed in the black community is typically high in cholesterol and our consumption of excessive starchy foods - I guess you could say is part of our culture . This in turn can lead to health issues such as hypercholesterolaemia and cardiovascular accidents, for example a stroke. It is key to remember that, whether you view your curves as a positive thing or not, what you are putting into your body and whether or not you exercise regularly is of most importance. A happy inside promotes a brighter outlook for you.

So, are curves a curse? I doubt Kim Kardashian or Nicki Minaj would agree; for a greater part, their careers are based on how they look. Regardless of your body shape, learn to embrace it and see it as a blessing. However, if you look a certain way because you have daily fights with the biscuit tin, then it might be time to rethink your nutritional strategy.

Words: Vanessa Boadu