You are what you eat - the effects of various diets on the mind and body


You are what you eat. It is an inescapable fact  that you would only be as good as the fuel chosen for your vessel. There is a lot more to your beautifully constructed being than a mass of organs and flesh. Your choice of fuel has a profound effect on the emotions you encounter daily as well as the ability to feel balanced and grounded. Your personality and manifestation of self can be directly linked to your dietary habits, lets take a look at the effects of various diets on the mind and spirit.

Vegetables, legumes, nuts and seeds

If your choice of intake is that of vegetable, legumes, nuts, seeds, sea vegetables, and fruit, give yourself a big hug because your body certainly loves you. This type of eater is also more likely to follow a routine of warm foods in cold weather and cold food in warm weather. These types are more healthful. They physically and mentally balance your temperament and are generally free you from illness and disease.

Grains, beans and vegetables

If Grains, beans and cooked vegetables are your food source, you may be missing out on a few vital dietary gems. This diet lacks raw food and sufficient potassium. It may also lack protein and other vitamins and minerals. Insufficient raw foods during hot weather may cause fevers and contracted organs.

Raw vegetables and fruits

There is a great deal to be said about an exclusive raw vegetable, vegetable juice and nut diet. Balance however is so important to incorporate into a routine. This diet creates a tendency towards possessiveness, nerve disorders, over-sensitivity, sentimental and disease symptoms. Raw does not mean healthy. A raw diet should have environmental and seasonal attributes. If not, those following could get ill.

Alcohol, stimulants and drugs

We live in an era where alcohol, seasoning, stimulants and drugs are an almost everyday occurrence for some. These options enforce emotional instability and insecurity, heart and blood pressure weakness; expanded kidneys; skin disease; falling of the hair at the  front and sides as well as disorders of the hormones, with excessive sexual desire and poor creativity without the above stimulation an also confusion in the mental realm.

Meat and poultry

The meaty humans amongst us who have a love of white and red meats, fish, salt an eggs again are lacking a vital sense of balance within. This nutritional make up creates the tendency of being more aggressive and determined. Disease symptoms includes constricted heart, high blood pressure, circulatory problems, yang kidneys, pain in liver, and gastrointestinal tract as well as constipation, cancerous growths, far-sightedness, loss of hair on top and back of head.

Sweets and sugar

Everyone of us has reached for something sweet at some point or another whether it be for comfort or craving. Sweets, dried food, refined sugar and honey with no balance can produce an unstable mental instability, nervous disposition, digestive system disorders, overweight, weak kidneys and bladder, skin disorders, liver and pancreatic problems.


Dairy is something most of us have been brought up on in our respective cultures. The quality of these products have continuously come under scrutiny more in the past years. If you have a diet based on milk products, cheese and ice cream based desserts you may be a more docile, not very vibrant - mentally and suffer with painful joints and  lower back. Mucus conditions (colds, flu, lung disorders) skin disease, cysts, heart and circulation problems, liver, gallbladder and spleen congestion. A result of eating exclusively this produce includes anaemia, fatigue and proneness to cancer. Balance is something we could all indulge in a little more attentively. The earth has been so beautifully mercy full in providing such a vast variety of harvests for us to ingest, yet we have tendencies to not fully explore these offers. Everything needs balance. As the weather changes for seasonal requirements, your body also requires variety in its fuel source.  If this is not felt within your internal alchemy, it will manifest in mind as well as body.

Words: Michelle Patrick

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