Editorial 1. Complete.

It is commonly said that the realisation of a dream is always sweeter and more satisfying than dreaming the dream.

Almost four years ago, I had this dream to create a platform and community that told the stories and shared the experiences of black women. I wanted to see black women represented in the different ways that I knew them to exist in real life. 

I wanted for those stories to be told creatively. Yesterday, we took the first steps towards making the dream as incepted, a reality with the participation of talented individuals, whose contribution will never be forgotten.

If you’ve followed AFRONOIRE for quite some time, you will notice that the publication has transformed and changed faces a few times. Each time we went away and came back, we grew. Thinking, strategising, exchanging with other dreamers and story-tellers, helped us to courageously stand in our truth and dare to be. 

It is in this truth that I would like to invite you to stand in and share, on June 11th 2016. Together we will unveil the front cover of our coffee table publication and experience our cover editorial story through photography, video, poetry and audio. 

The night will include a panel discussion hosted by Jacqueline Shepherd and will feature innovative and thinking women such as: Ade Hassan (Nubian Skin); Ayishat Akanbi (Creative Stylist) and Laurence Sessou (Creative Muse / Model) 

Should you be able to make it, I look forward to welcoming you in creative positivity and with glasses of bubbly.

Written on May 18th, 2016