Follow Your Bliss

Surely, happiness is the only ingredient you need to live a fulfilled life.

Over the years I have heard the following phrase many times. “I am waiting to see where God wants me to be.”  I do not mean to cause offence, but that line is often accompanied with a facial expression of misery. When I hear it all I sense is that someone has lost direction.

Just like any mother and father would want their children to be happy, Is it not logic to know that a loving God would want you to be happy? This journey we call life is also about discovery and finding things that brings us joy.

In my own spiritual walk, I have come to the conclusion that God wants you to be where you find your passion and your talent. We are blessed with choice and desire and if those where taken away from us we wouldn’t be human. We have all met people who are passionate about making music, acting, building businesses or helping others.

All these things give them great joy and therefore wholehearted commitment. Throughout my life I had taken on many jobs and roles due to the influence of parents or what others thought I would be good at. I even went to university and studied for a ‘sensible’ job. None gave me satisfaction and then it dawned on me that if I was not happy, what was the point?

Women, in my opinion are the champions of suppressing their own happiness and talk themselves out of their dream quicker than anyone else.

“It's too late, maybe if I was younger.......”

“ I got kids/commitments.......”

“ Where is the money coming from?...”

The list goes on. I know, I’ve been there.


If truth be told there will always be some reason or excuse to not do something that brings you joy. 

I am a great believer that if you decide for yourself to make a change and have faith, somehow; somewhere; something will unfold. Situations and circumstances will start to move for you. As far as I am concerned, as long as you have breath in your body, you can accomplish anything.

Friends have said to me that they no longer know what they like because like myself and many other women, they have spent their life tending to everybody else’s needs and neglecting their own. However, I found that the journey of ‘self discovery’ was just as much fun as reaching the goal. No matter how big or small, it is very important that you look after and cherish your wellbeing. Being happy gives you clarity, peace and a drive to pursue more things. When you find that happiness there will be no doubt that you are in a place where you are supposed to be.