Celebrating Black Fatherhood: You are invited to a free photoshoot


The importance of fatherhood in comparison to motherhood is more often than not dismissed and ignored rather than celebrated and made a big deal out of. We have always placed more emphasis on the celebration of mothers/motherhood because after all, women are the ones who give birth and we are 'by nature', nurturing. But in this day and age, where gender roles and society-gender roles have positively changed, it's imperative that fatherhood be celebrated too. Fathers/father-figures play an important role in the lives of their children and this is something to be acknowledged. MTXY Photoshoot

In light of this and following on from a Twitter conversation #MTXYtalk on June 16th - Thenublk and NUPeopleMagazine in association with AFRONOIRE are inviting fathers and father figures to take part in a photoshoot which will be published in NU People Magazine's digital magazine platform available on the AppStore for FREE.

Sign up for the shoot here: mtxyphoto.eventbrite.co.uk 



More Than XY is: A visual tribute to Black Fathers and Positive Male Role Models. It was inspired by a conversation between Gabrielle Smith (Thenublk) and Marlon Cole (forFATHERS) in 2012. Out of the collaboration came an exhibition, which took place on Father’s Day of the same year which was on display at The Darnley Gallery in Hackney and The Bernie Grant Arts Centre in Tottenham where it was positively received.