Food glorious food...YinxTasty loves food!

Food critics around the world continue to testify that the key to a man’s heart is through his belly. Well I can say I’m definitely no man but the key to my heart is through the food that I eat, see and smell.


The taste, the flavours, the howling of strong men as you walk through the market place and hear them chanting, “4 for £1 get your bananas 4 for £1” just brings joy and excitement to my heart. Where to go and what to it is what best describes the life that I live.


I am a 25 year old young lady who studied at the University College of Food within Birmingham. I’ve worked as a chef for two years at the OXO TOWER and now own a catering business called ‘YinxTasty’ my motto is... ‘Food made with love is a Meal to be loved’ 


Food is my passion and still is to date, I take it to the next level every time I get the chance to. All I do is dream, breathe and eat food. I love cooking for friends and family or discussing all the restaurants I’ve been to or plan to go to. I’m sure my forthcoming articles will inspire you to want to eat, cook and learn things you never knew before.


With that said, welcome to YinxTasty.


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