Insecurities in love - "I've seen the ugly side to you, and I'm staying anyway"


Being in love with a woman is not as easy as the word itself. Love is a journey. Love is something that has potential when you first notice it but then it's something that has to be built and worked on every single day. When you meet a potential partner, you see exactly that - potential. The thing about potential is that it means absolutely nothing if it doesn't produce results. When it comes to relationships, the results are built from experience and different situations that are dealt with as a couple. If you and your partner can successfully find ways to sort out whichever issue comes your way, then Love will eventually be built.

I am personally attracted to a woman who is confident and knows what her insecurities are. I think if a woman knows what they are, it's easier for her to handle them. After all, everybody has them but it's those who can identify them who end up being winners. I talk about insecurities because a man should be able to love his woman even when she doesn't love herself. A man who can love his woman when she doesn't love herself is more likely NOT to cheat. Why? Because he cares, loves you more and will be more focused on satisfying his woman.

As a man if you go into a relationship with the mindset of making your lady your priority, you will have no time to look elsewhere. Make your woman part of your purpose in life and reap the rewards of being faithful. There are so many rewards in being faithful to your partner, not only from GOD and the universe - whichever you believe in. You form a discipline in your life focusing on one person than you do with various women, and one day when you sit down to evaluate the last 6 months of your life, you will realise just how much progression you have made because your time and more would have been used wisely.

A great relationship is void from the clashes of egos and involves people who are willing to lose their pride and compromise in certain situations in order to move forward. You'd be surprised that without these things, petty situations break relationships easily. Love says "I've seen the ugly side to you, and I'm staying anyway"

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