Introducing Martina Luther Queen - an uptempo female empowerment song


Martina Luther Queen is the soon-to-be released single of British based Mikel Ameen. As the name of the single suggests, Mikel's music is driven by the echoing of a generations' entrenched revolutionary spirit and desire for social change. The single is a fun blend of sounds, accompanied by admirable lyrics that celebrates the fierceness and influence of women who have dreams and who also celebrate the achievements of their dreams. In his own words, Mikel describes the track as 'an uptempo female empowerment song I wrote it in honour of all the women out there who are all about achieving greatness. I wanted to make a song that made women want to turn up to the fullest but at the same time feel empowered rather than degraded'. The track accomplishes this with its combination of eclectic sound explosion - unique to the artist, with distinctive hip-hop elements and it is sans the habitual derogatory terms used to describe women in much of today's hip hop/rap music.

Martina Luther Queen's music video is a fun and spontaneous and featuring Kyla Frye and others. You are invited to Mikel on the 23rd of September as he launches the video at The Prince of Wales in Brixton. The event is a free, guest list event only!  Find out more

Martina Luther Queen - poem teaser by Sophia Thakur

We recommend that you listen to Mikel's 'World Changers' EP.