Kamo Mafokwane - A Duchess of Great Fashion


Talented. Smart. Stylish. AFRONOIRE talks to the latest addition to UK fashion’s blogging royal family.

With fashion people always assume it’s about the brands, but it’s about how you wear it. It’s not about what’s ‘so last season’ or what’s in this season.

Having only started her blog over a year ago, Kamo Mafokwane is already enjoying the perks of being a fashion blogger. Few people would be brave enough to leave behind everything they know to pursue their passion. The South African born, stylish, make-up artist, wardrobe consultant and fashion blogger sat down with me to share her experiences as a fashion blogger and personally.

Your blog is called ‘WILLKATE’. What inspired the name of your blog?

A lot of people assume that it has something to do with the royal family because I live in London. Will is my late father’s name and Kate is my late grandmother’s name, so I just put the two together.

What inspired you to start blogging?

It was actually my best friend. I always used to dress up when I was in South Africa so she suggested that I start a fashion blog.


Is success as a fashion blogger easier in South Africa or in the UK?

Success is different in South Africa and London. London is a lot more competitive. There are a lot more people here. It’s a lot easier in South Africa as I have contacts, such as photographers, make-up artists and stylists. I had the contacts so it was just about getting started. In London success comes in stages so it’s a process.

What is the most difficult thing about turning a passion into a career?

It’s a mentality. Especially when it come from your heart. It’s about putting work and passion together. Passion is out of the heart, work is more serious. Sometimes you’ll get great opportunities, but they are not in line with the path or route that you want to taken life. It’s about standing firm with want you want.

Is it difficult to reject opportunities like as such?

It’s difficult when you don’t know what you want to do. For me, it’s about being focused and taking the right steps to where I want to be.


What are the top three items you believe every woman should have in their wardrobe?

Everyone is different, but I would definitely say you can’t go wrong with: a white tee, a good pair of flats because heels aren’t for everyone and good jeans or trousers.

Who are your top three style icons?

They always change. It’s difficult because people change all the time, but I like Kim Kardashian’s current style. It’s a lot more simple, classy and minimal. Angela Simmons has a very urban chic style. I like how she mixes texture and colour. She could wear a pair of leather trousers, a white t-shirt and some boots, and it sounds so simple but it looks great. Her style is very elegant. My third fashion icon would have to be, Soraya De Carvalho (better known in the bloggersphere as ‘Style Is My Thing’). She knows what suits her body and she sticks to it. A lot of people don’t understand their bodies and she does. It’s very difficult to find women who stick to their own standards. She knows who she is and she sticks to it.” With fashion people always assume it’s about the brands, but it’s how you wear it, not about what’s ‘so last season’ or what’s in this season.

Where do you get your style inspiration?

My style inspiration is mostly gained from social media. But living in London also gives you a lot of inspiration. It’s not just from one person. Everyone has a different style.

Photo: Maria Karpova

What are the three words that best describe your style?

Simple. Elegant. Minimal.

What is the best piece of advice you have ever received?

Whoever you meet don’t treat someone like an underdog, treat everyone as you would like to be treated, because someday, somewhere you’ll find them at the top with you. You can learn something from everyone. This is especially important in fashion. It’s not true that you can only learn from people in the fashion industry.

Keep up to date with Kamo’s fashion journey you can find her at: www.willkatelady.com / Instagram: @willkatelady  / Twitter: @MissMafokwane / Photo Credits: Maria Karpova