A moment of appreciation for all the stylish fathers please


Let's take a moment to appreciate all the fathers out there who are keeping it together and know that to be a role model to your kids also includes teaching them how to groom themselves by seeing their fathers lead by example. This influences how your children grow to express and present themselves as they mature. Style “[is] a silent expression of an individual”. The way a man dresses has a big impact on how he is viewed by society. To be stylish is not only about what you wear, it’s about how you wear it and the men below know how to do just that. Truth be told, who doesn’t love a man who looks dashing on the outside? Below are some pictures of fathers looking dashing with their children. Lenny

Lenny Kravitz and daughter Zoe Kravitz look elegant on the red carpet. He looks classic in his suit but still manages to look retro. This stylish father is not only a singer/songwriter but a multi-talented individual as he also is a composer, musician, music producer, arranger, interior designer, clothing designer and an actor. He has also appeared in the Hunger Games series as Cinna.

dwayne wade

Dwayne Wade, one of the world's best known basketball players and his family look adorable in their denim ensemble. Dwayne always looks put together and it appears it's all or nothing for his children too. In his critically acclaimed book he talks about the importance of raising children and breaking bad cycles within the family. “...as much as I love the music of the crowd when they’re with me, none of that comes close to the thrill of hearing my sons call out my most favourite name of all: “Daddy!” Anytime, anywhere, any day.” 

lebron james

Le Bron James enjoys watching the basketball game with his kids LeBron James, Jr. and Bryce Maximus James and they do it in such a trendy way! LeBron James  has not only built a career for himself through his basketball success, but from his edgy, street styled trainers in collaboration with Nike. He is man whose style is effortless and this can be clearly seen and even transpired through to his children.

dj black coffee

DJ Black Coffee is an internationally highly praised DJ and an award winning producer. He is one of South Africa’s greatest musicians, a very reserved yet stylish man. DJ Black is family orientated in everything he does, the picture  of him and his teenage son Esona in their home illustrates as such.

There are many stylish fathers out there, some of the best places to catch them is  at a red carpet event or in your immediate environment. They're all around so keep your eyes peeled!

Words: Cassandra Dadey