Back to Music - Rachel Kerr

You may or may not be familiar with Rachel Kerr but you're bound to remember her for a long time to come once you do yourself the service of seeing her perform.

She emits an almighty presence on stage and seems to share the energy of Beyonce with a Kelly Rowland style but who is thoroughly entertaining as is her band. What adds to her performance is her lyrical content. If you weren't aware of her spiritual background one would believe that her songs where about something more sinful. But it is pure and beautiful and honest and appears to synonymous to her relationship with God. Kerr recently won MOBO's best gospel act award and has an album out titled ‘Back to Music’

The album features a popular song called ‘Hold My Hand’ which is by far my favourite track. Rachel’s voice is exceptional and her vocal expertise is outstanding, her control and intricate detail in her thrills and ad-libs are well thought out and beautifully placed. This is a pattern that you experience throughout the album. Her vocals take centre stage and she commands each song. Although she is referred to as a gospel artist she has managed to merge her gospel with a commercial sound that isn’t particularly done within this genre of music.

Not complete with just conquering the stage she has started her own vocal classes: ‘Singercise’ combining singing and dancing to improve your vocal ability. Kerr is a woman of many talents and we will sit down and get to core of her music and ambitions.

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