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MDMflow is an eclectic line of lipsticks and is the vision of Florence Adepoju a twenty two year old Scientist with a BSc (Hons) in Cosmetic Science from the London College of Fashion. MDMflow is a post 90s brand influenced by the glamour associated with mid 90s–00s hip hop culture. All MDMflow lipsticks are handmade using the latest colour technology. 


Photographed by Jendella

Photographed by Jendella


Having spent the last six years studying whilst working in luxury beauty retail, Florence decided upon graduating July 2013 to live out all my dreams now and create a lipstick brand she's always wanted.


Photographed by Jendella Photographed by Jendella


MDMflow is an accumulation of all of its founder's obsessions and (probably yours also) with its different colours being reminiscent of colours hip hop, beauty, fashion and science. As many beauty junkies, Florence couldn't find a brand able to represent her lifestyle and ideals.