Meet Chinwe Nwokolo of Wedding Dates


Chinwe; who plays the cynical yet adventurous character – Jamie during the series, tells us all about what to expect from her character in the fast-paced comedy, how she balances life whilst being a working actress and always keeping in check with her spirituality.

'Wedding Dates' is finally here. We've seen the trailer and watched the first episode‎. But what more can we expect from the rest of the series? 

Thank you so much for tuning in thus far. Without giving too much away, you will see Sean and Jamie's dating journey, and whether their relationship is compromised by these new experiences. Remember they have these rules, are any of them broken? You will have to tune in and find out!

Have you had much influence over your character? 

I have drawn on some experiences of my own, e.g. bad dates, good dates, stories and experiences from friends. But I have really tried to stay true to the character in the way Daniel the writer of Wedding Dates has written Jamie. We do have some similarities in the way we are both jokers, and pretty direct, but I draw the line in allowing my fiancé to try dating. Do all of that before you even look in my direction. 

What kind of pressure is attached to the industry you work in? 

This industry does come with pressures but you have to have extremely thick skin in order to survive, and to achieve your ambitions and goals. There’s the pressure of trying to book work, trying to get into the casting rooms, and working consistently. I feel lucky that I know some great and supporting people that make things so much easier for me. I have had some days when things have not gone my way, but I have also been a part of some amazing projects also, and for that I am grateful.

Chinwe 1 Nwokolo

Chinwe 1 Nwokolo

With so much going on in life sometimes we can often find ourselves overwhelmed... How do you keep things under control and stay balanced?

I love spending time with those that are close to me, talking and having a laugh. I love to laugh that’s my thing! I enjoy working out whenever I get the chance, and I go to yoga once a week. Most importantly spending time with God. My spirituality is a big part of my life and plays a massive part in keeping me balanced, in fact it’s the main thing that does.

What other projects are you working on?

At present I am very much invested in Wedding Dates and trying to break some records with this great show! I am also going out on some really cool auditions, so you never know what is around the corner. Pray for me!

What advice would you give to someone who wanted to break into acting?

If you want to get into acting, first and foremost make sure you get some training. You may have a natural gift, but training will help you sharpen those skills, you will also start to get an idea of the type of actor you want to be. Go to the theatre, try and get involved in readings for new plays! Most of the greats have all started out on stage. Theatre is a great way to see some fantastic acting up front and live. Most importantly, stay faithful, and believe in yourself and your skills and NEVER give up.