The Nigerian Diaspora In The US - An Atlanta Based Documentary By Rhoda Wilson

Rhoda Wilson has targeted Atlanta as the feature location for her latest project, an inspirational documentary about Nigerians living the American Dream. British producer Rhoda Wilson, creator of the Rhoda Wilson Show and well known television personality in the UK and Nigeria, will also attend the 2013 BronzeLens Film Festival in Atlanta November 7-10 to introduce her documentary plans.


"Atlanta has long been recognised as America's premier city for African-Americans in pursuit of a dream whether it is entertainment, business or some other pursuit. We know that the Atlanta region is one of the major US centre points for the Nigerian population in the US, so we can't think of a better market for illuminating the success of Nigerian-born citizens of the United States."


The documentary will offer a new perspective for this community and will prove to be a fascinating insight into this growing population. 


Rhoda Wilson has always been passionate about telling the story of the Diaspora on her show and through her award-winning work. In 2012 Rhoda won the award for “Media Personality of The Year” at the Nigerian Entertainment & Lifestyle Awards and in the same year Rhoda was also shortlisted in the Wise Women Awards and the Women for Africa Awards for her services to Media in the UK. In 2009 Rhoda Wilson won “Best TV Presenter” at the BEFFTA Awards in London; a tremendous honour.


The BronzeLens Film Festival of Atlanta, Georgia is a non-profit organization, founded in 2009, that is dedicated to bringing national and worldwide attention to Atlanta as a centre for film and film production for people from ethnic minority backgrounds.


The documentary is set to be released early 2014.