Noire After Dark: By Chance Or Design [Part 2]


“My name is Jonty,” he said as I wrapped my arms around his neck to help give me more leverage. After several attempts to stand and walk, I found that my ankle was either sprained or twisted. Jonty offered to help me find somewhere to sit down. “I’m Eva.”

“Eva,” he repeated my name and something shook me again. My name sounded remarkable rolling off his tongue. It was as if my name was buried and here he was digging it up and dusting it off.

“Yea my mother wanted to name me something simple,” I said trying to make light of the growing attraction.

“It’s beautiful,” he said and instantly we locked eyes. I wanted to melt.

Jonty guided me into the nail shop next to the restaurant and called an ambulance. After explaining to the nail technician the situation she allowed us to sit and wait for the ambulance, but not before suggesting I get a pedicure and seeing if that would make it better. Jonty and I both laughed, and I declined. He slid a chair around, so it was positioned slightly in front of me, and allowed me to prop my foot on his knee.

“I’m so sorry for all the commotion,” I said.

“No worries at all, these things happen.”

“Do they really?” I asked over a slight chuckle.

“Yea, in the movies they happen all the time.” He laughed. It was a deep guttural laughed that sparked me to laugh too.

As if by instinct, he slid my shoe off and massaged the swollen part of my ankle. I winced a little, and he decreased the pressure. I watched him, and I wanted to say something to deflect the sensations darting through me, but instead I leaned back in the chair and closed my eyes.

There was so much joy in being touched.

That’s what I had been missing all this time. It’s what I had yearned for: the feel of Jonty’s hand around my waist, my lips grazing his neck, my arms around his shoulders, and now this massage. I allowed myself this moment. No more words. I just wanted the wondrous sensation of being touched. I felt a calm spread over me, like someone was bathing me. It was a combination of warmth: Water and hands; Skin and soap; Whispers and kisses.


He was saying my name again, and I allowed myself to fall into the feeling of my belly rumbling for more of whatever this was that was happening to me.


I shot up when I felt the pressure on my ankle again. Jonty was still sitting across from me, but there were two medics behind him. There was a slight smirk on Jonty’s lips, and the medics were laughing. I became flushed with embarrassment.

“You were falling asleep,” Jonty said. I sat up to adjust myself. He leaned in closer, “ and you were moaning too.”

My body stiffened, and I looked away from him and the medics only to make eye contact with one of the nail technicians who was also laughing.

“Ma’am, are you able to stand?” The medic asked.

“No,” I said grateful for the interjection.

“Ok, then we’re going to lift you onto a stretcher.”

Jonty stood and grabbed my belongings as the medics lifted me onto the stretcher and into the ambulance. One of the medics reached for my belongings, but Jonty pulled back.

“I’m coming along to make sure she’s ok.”

I didn’t protest.

He sat next to me and held my hand as the medics took my blood pressure.

“Is it ok if I come?” He leaned in and whispered.

I said, “absolutely.”

Just then, the ambulance made a sharp turn and Jonty fell forward, his lips grazed mine. We looked at each other and laughed.