NUTRITION: 5 Healthy Breakfast Options To Help You Start Your Day


Making breakfast your first priority everyday really is the best thing you can do for your mind and body once you’re up out of bed! You have been fasting whilst asleep and a lot of processes and repairs have been going on. During the night your brain at times has required additional calories as your subconscious mind made use of the freedom of your conscious sleep. So now your body is up, it needs to refuel to provide more energy for muscle movement and conscious alertness. Eating breakfast stimulates your metabolism which slows down during the night and it raises blood glucose. If you think you have a sweet tooth (and on a biological level we all do!) now is a good time to enjoy your most carbohydrate rich meal of the day. That being said, you want your sugars to come from fruits and gluten-free grains rather than sugary cereals, fruit juices and jams. Ideally you also want to eat something that has protein and fats in it too. Here are some great examples of what you could eat for breakfast. Before you start eating any of the following, drink a large glass of lukewarm water to stimulate your digestive system and re-hydrate. The average adult is 57-60% water.

1. Hot Option: Homemade Porridge

Make this with organic oats and a dried berry and seed mix. Use an organic milk such as semi-skimmed milk, soy, rice or almond milk.

2. Cereal Option: Organic Gluten-Free Flakes

Select a variety that uses gluten free flours such as brown rice, buckwheat or potato flour. Chop some fresh fruit over your cereal and add some organic milk or yoghurt. If you like seeds or nuts you can add these too.

3. Cooked Option: Omelette

Select a green vegetable to accompany your omelette and use free-range organic eggs. For additional vitamin and mineral uptake add some herbs and spices.

4. Fibre Rich: Homemade Muesli

If a sluggish digestive system is something you experience try the following blend with plenty of organic soya milk. I pre-soak mine the night before to make it even more tasty and easy to digest. Homemade mix: chopped figs, dates and apricots, cinnamon, organic oats or course oat bran and soya bran.

5. Grab and Go: Oat Cakes

You could spread or dip these in walnut or almond butter, organic cream cheese, pate or avocado. Then get your fibre and antioxidant intake with a piece or portion of fresh fruit.

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