ORS Shealicious, Shine Booster Conditioning Cocktail


With butters, whipped crème’s and puddings galore, it was only a matter of time before natural hair products not only sounded like food stuffs but had their appearance too and the ORS Shealicious Cocktails look less tropical drink and more Muller Fruit Corner. I got to try out the Shine Booster Conditioning Cocktail for dull, brittle, lackluster hair. On opening the appropriately foil topped pot I was immediately struck by its smell. It reminded exactly of a toffee or butterscotch yoghurt I’d eaten years ago which was really tasty - consequently I experienced a sudden urge to eat the pots delights but I remained adult about it  and refrained from licking the lid.

The contents responsible for this delicious toffee smell is both the cream/conditioner which is a blend rich in coconut oil and Shea butter (and to look at reminiscent of yoghurt) and in the smaller pot a combination of Amla and Argan oils.

IMG_2942 copycopy

IMG_2942 copycopy

The instructions on the label were very clear; following a hair wash you simply “open, pour, mix and fix” the fix part being the bit where you apply the cream to your tresses for a conditioning treatment.

Much as many of us try to forget the days of relaxer cream sitting heavy on our heads, I’m going to serve up a big reminder.

The application of this cocktail will get you feeling all wistful about relaxer - it reminded me of the transformative cream lying thick on my hair but this time without the burning sensation or tears in my eyes. Instead, it was as if the cocktail was coating each strand of my hair with a thick layer of nourishment, it was cool, creamy and my hair felt instantly manageable.... And yes I said the word that many naturals reject but in this context you will see what I mean. When detangling, 'managing' to get a wide toothed comb though your hair can sometimes be a challenge or if you prefer, is a time consuming part of the process.

The effort required to do this once the cocktail was applied was dramatically reduced with the comb 'managing' to glide through my 4b coils effortlessly.  And to use the questionable reference one last time it was much like when the relaxer cream has done its damage work and the stylist takes a fine comb through the hair straightening out any last trace of kink. The beauty of this process of course it that it's about as far from a relaxer as you can get with your kinks springing happily back into place, feeling soft and deeply nourished.

When I made this creamy comparison to AfroNoire EiC Deborah Marie, she recalled that she too had a fleeting memory of relaxer cream, let us know if you agree..

When I deep condition I usually add my steam cap for deeper penetration, I didn't on this occasion as I wanted to experience the product as it was recommended. I would be intrigued to know what a steam cap would add to the results which in my opinion were highly successful. My hair felt soft, it looked super curly and my coils were popping, I felt good to go and as one who doesn't wash and go (I always stretch by way of letting my hair dry in cornrow) that's no mean feat.

My impression from the ORS rep is that the cocktail is a great solution to having everything you need for a deep treatment while you’re on the hop; rather than having to take cumbersome bottles with you, you have the convenient little pot. The fact that you mix the conditioner and oil fresh each time ensures that there is no risk of the blend degrading, having said that your bathroom shelf may look a bit like the dairy fridge if you buy a few in one go. The other thing about single serving pots is that at around £2.50 it isn't cheap, as such I would add this more expensive option to my regimen once a month for a more intense treat of a treatment.

All in all I was impressed with the Shealicious Cocktail, it was fun mixing it up, it was a pleasure to slather it on and my hair felt really soft and smelled great afterwards. Furthermore the ingredients are in keeping with what many naturals look for with shea, coconut, Argan and amla all present in abundance.