Pizza, Cider and Coffee at Foxcroft & Ginger


Finding a good spot to have a laid back dining experience without all the overrated fuss, is often rare when you’re living in the heart of the Capital. So when AfroNoire were invited down to the newest addition of the foodie chain Foxcroft & Ginger, we couldn’t wait to visit the Soho branch and see what it had to offer.

Foxcroft & Ginger Soho 1 copy

Situated on Berwick Street, the restaurant suddenly appeared between multiple cloth merchants, fabric stores and stylish shops. On arrival we were greeted by the manager and noticeably fantastic interior and surroundings. Led downstairs, we chose to seat at a cosy spot and were given a menu. The brick walls were home to hangings, mismatch floral wallpaper and mirrors. The light fixtures resembled an American smokehouse diner along with a giant ‘F & G’ sign hanging above our heads.


To start we slurped on some Strawberry and Lime Kopparberg Cider, which was later followed by their speciality in the evening, pizza. Opting for the simplest sourdough pizzas of them all; we chose to devour a marinated mozzarella, tomato sauce, garlic and herb oil pizza, which editor Deborah Marie chose to down with a glass of red wine. The menu wasn’t too complicated (though the text was rather small to read!) and the pizza was a great introduction to what makes this restaurant a non-conventional dining experience. The pizza itself presented on a wooden chopping board, was very tasty. Just the right amount of cheese, the tomato sauce was flavourful and the kick of garlic and herb oil rounded it off nicely.

Foxcroft & Ginger Soho 2 copy

Though the venue wasn’t at its busiest, the mood was calm and relaxing. We enjoyed the laid back atmosphere and enjoyed chatting over the smooth tunes played in the background. It definitely seems as though people could visit Foxcroft & Ginger for a catch up over (a delicious blend) of coffee, food and to also get some work in. 


My conclusion, a cosy little eatery boasting an edgy yet rustic environment for people to chill out while noshing on some delicious artisan food.