Protective Styling

Winter Care Tips That Should Be Taken Seriously

Whenever protective styling comes to mind, we think about low to non-manipulative styles such braids, twists, weaves, wigs, scarfing and so on. While these are great and effective means of aiding hair growth, there are particular steps that are usually forgotten. It is very important that while the hair is tucked away, you take an ample amount of time to wash, deep condition and moisturise the hair.



For the braided and weaved ladies, this may seem rather stressful since those styles are intended for longer wear periods but the same rule applies.

  • Add some Apple Cider Vinegar (APV) and water on a cotton ball. 
  • Rub on the scalp in circular motions
  • Alternatively, put the APV and water in a spray bottle and lightly spray the scalp area, massage and then rinse.


The beneficial part of using APV is that it doesn’t involve lathering of drying shampoos but only uses a simple concoction hiding away in your kitchen cupboard! It reduces itchiness as well as it descales the build up in the scalp. If you have no APV, then a sulphate free shampoo will be great! (Argan oil sulphate-free shampoo)


Deep Conditioning

While Apple Cider Vinegar is a more discrete clarifier, it can however also leave the hair feeling somewhat dry. This must be rectified with a good balancing deep conditioner. Being in the colder months of the year, it is important that after weeks of low manipulation or perhaps none at all, replenishing moisture is essential.



Some women experience intense shedding or dryness after taking out their protective style and may sometimes experience breakage. Choosing the right deep conditioner could be the key to solving breakage.


  • Beautiful Textures Rapid Repair Deep Conditioner
  • Cantu Shea Butter Deep Treatment Masque 



The common advice amongst those in the hair community, is to moisturise often - the same applies when wearing a  protective style. If you are scarfing, make sure you moisturise effectively with a water based lotion or butter and seal with an oil of your choice.


For braids and sew-in weaves, can apply your moisturisers with the tips of your fingers and rub in a massaging motion. Rubbing light oil (olive, argan, coconut) unto the braids will help to seal in the moisture in your hair as well as smooth down the braids making it appear fresh.

Another tip for weaves; a moisturiser and oil could be added in a hair growth serum bottle and applied directly onto the braided hair under the weft. This way the braids remain treated and cared for. 



If you experience dandruff, flakiness or a dry scalp, the tea-tree oil will be useful. This is anti-bacterial oil that tackles those problems.

Happy styling and good luck on your protective styling journey! For amazing videos on protective styling visit the following YouTube Channels: Fusion of Cultures TheChicNatural BorderHammer