Remel London

Remel London is a UK Radio and Television presenter and host, born and raised in North London. At just 24, Remel has quickly risen up the ranks and carved a solid reputation in the UK entertainment industry, now known as the best female presenter in the UK and often called the face of Urban Music. 


As a child, Remel knew she was destined to perform. At age 7 she trained as a dancer, enrolling in various classes including – tap, ballet, African dance, street dance, and Jazz. In her teens she dabbled with musical theatre and even athletics before attending Leeds University in 2008 to study Broadcast Journalism. 


Now a fully fledged professional, Remel continues to establish herself as a well respected presenter in the UK. On Radio she could be heard on the airwaves weekly via Bang FM, WestSide FM, Choice FM and BBC Radio 1xtra. Her infectious voice was also heard on ads for Choice FM and Capital RadioAs a young woman, Remel is undoubtedly inspiring many and we wanted to share with some of her thoughts regarding the industry, her position within it and what inspires her! Enjoy!


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Do you consider yourself as being an entrepreneur? Why?

I’ve never considered myself to be an entrepreneur, it sounds like I need a suit and tie, which I don’t wear lol!  I see myself as a creative, using my skills to develop creative projects; instead of someone who is building a business I’m building a brand and a name for myself. I guess it’s the same thing really, but with a creative twist.


What are some of the challenges you've encountered so far in your chosen industry?

There is so much competition in entertainment media.  Presenting seems like such a glamorous and easy job, the industry is saturated with new faces so its it’s hard to make your mark. But as a creative, I have to constantly and consistently find new ways to engage people and entertain them in my interviews, shows and on stage.  


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On the subject of the representation of African-Caribbean’s in the media, why is it important? Should we be aiming to be represented in the mainstream media alone? How else can this be done?

As much as I want to be seen as a strong black female role model, and also show young black girls that they can make it too, I think our representation should be organic. If I’m going to make it in the media industry, I don’t want it to be because “we needed a black girl”, or “we’re going to see if a black girl will be right for it”… NO! I want the opportunities that I get to be based on my skills and not my race or gender. I would love to be on mainstream television and radio and that is a goal of mine, however I’m only going to represent me and make my family proud by using my skills. I think if we all continue to work to the best of our potential the doors will continue to open. There are still a lot of ignorant people, but talent and hard work both together is unstoppable!


A word of advice for those looking to get into this media-saturated industry or any other industry

For media or any industry, study your craft. If you want to be in a particular part of the media industry, for example sports or music, go out and see what it’s all about, attend events, exhibitions, conferences, seminars and understand the field. Networking is very important, so find out who the influential people are, and do what you can to get a coffee or a little advice from them. You never know, that coffee could land you your next job!


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What makes you happy?

I absolutely love my job. Being in front of the camera, on the air or hosting live at an event can change my mood instantly. I enjoy being a part of productions and seeing it all come together


Three women you are inspired by?

Oprah, Angie Lemar and Davina McCall.


One thing you wish for the world?

I would love to see the Black Entertainment industry treated with the same respect as the mainstream industry. It’s funny that one industry is labelled by Colour and one is labelled by the talent. We are producers and directors, why can’t we all fall under the same media umbrella?


The motto by which you live life...

Patience leads to perfection…


Amazingly, Remel still finds the time to launch her own platform online, The Remel London Show via Link Up TV and established her own event, the 'RateMePlz' Live Showcase, which is one of the best events for new and emerging talent.