Romantic gestures for your man


It shouldn’t surprise you that men think a lot about sex more, they like to experiment, be surprised, taken care of and made to feel like kings. As his woman, it is your responsibility to cater to your man’s needs. Know what he likes, what his fantasies are and surprise him by making one of them a reality for him.  Here are some gestures your man may appreciate.

Playing dress up

Meet him at the door one night, dressed in a sensually sexual outfit. Wearing the outfit in his favourite colour shows thoughtfulness and might excite and make him even happier. Be there to greet as soon as he opens the door, kiss him softly, take his bag, take him by the hand and lead him to where you want him to be. You should know what to do from here onwards ;)

Send him pictures

No, it isn't what you're thinking. Well it could it be. Sending sensual pictures of his favourite body parts of yours in different lingerie and make him choose what you should wear for your next rendez-vous. Make him anticipate your time together by giving him something to look forward to!

Pamper him

Most men wouldn't like to admit or succumb to the fact that they would like to be treated sweetly but secretly they do. So whether or not he's had a hard day at work, don't nag him. You should be able to read him.

  1. Prepare him a nice bath; get your massage oils ready to relieve the tension and stress in his muscles when he comes out of the bath.
  2. Have his favourite meal or foods in the house you share or when he comes around to see you. One of the many ways to a man heart is through his stomach
  3. Buy him tickets to his favourite even: football match, concert, gallery showing etc.
  4. Organise a pub night or plan something for him and his friends. When don't always make it about you, they will appreciate you more for it

What are some of your favourite things you do for your other half?