Ronke Adeyemi - on brown beauty and her role within digital marketing


Ronke Adeyemi is the founding editor of the rising and encompassing beauty platform:  - an online magazine aimed of at women of colour, bringing forth the best and latest news in skincare, body, hair care, make up and product reviews. When she is not editing brownbeauytalk, Ronke works as a freelance digital marketing consultant and with over 15 years in journalism and marketing, she has worked for a wide variety of companies in the B2B and B2C sector. She describes herself as a lover of books, films and TV who is obsessed with skincare and all things pretty.

The name OndoLady - where does it come from?

Ondo is a town in Nigeria where my family are from hence the name Ondo Lady

What is beauty to you?

Beauty means many things to me, it is very collection and also very personal. I became interested in it when I was a teen and was trying to find products to use for my skin and handle my teen spots. I would also buy loads of glossy magazines and drool over the gorgeous products and dream of a time when I would be able to buy them. Today beauty is part of my everyday life as I get to live and breath it in many capacities; from writing reviews, posting content on Instagram and Twitter and going to press events to preview collections for the up and coming season.

Why was it important for you to create a conversation around brown beauty?

I felt that our voices were not being heard and that all the good work that is being done by WoC who are in beauty PR, marketing, product development, event organisers and brand owners were not being addressed. With the internet being an open platform I decided that was a perfect place to launch the brand. We started with the Twitter discussion that takes place every Sunday between 8pm and 9pm and then we followed it up with the online magazine.

What are some of the changes do you hope to see reflected as a result of brown beauty and other endeavours that seeks to revolutionarise how the beauty/media industry perceives brown beauty

I want to see more WoC in decision making positions in beauty, more young girls viewing beauty as a potential career and seeing women who look like them in the industry and brands such as Shea Butter Cottage in the mainstream press. 

Is brown beauty exclusive to black women?

No, it is aimed at all WoC (African, Caribbean and Asian) but women from all walks of like are more than welcome to participate. 

What did the sense of accomplishment felt like when you launched

It was really satisfying to see something that you had an idea for spring to form and also the feedback was immense. All the congratulations and media attention was overwhelming. I do really appreciate the support that we have gained.

You also work in PR, and social media – how is it like having to balance those roles as well as being editor?

I have learnt how to juggle and to be very organised. Working in those fields means that things are very time sensitive so deadlines are vital. I do a lot of planning in advance and stick to a very tight deadline, I also leave a small amount of time for error just in case anything goes wrong. I am a great fan of a contingency plan.

Are your roles interrelated? If so, how?

They are very inter-related so it is very easy to switch between the two. One minute I can be writing a post for the website and then the next minute uploading content for a client. Or I can be a meeting with a client and then later in the evening at a press event. It's all good fun though. 

3 tips on how effective use of social media for style for lifestyle brands and publications

Engage – I know people always band this term around but it is very important. You need to talk to your followers and always respond when they talk to you.

Be subtle – Promoting what you do is of course essential on Social Media as long as it is on your own platforms but for God's Sake don't go round leaving promotional content about your brand on someone else's platforms. Not only does it look bad is spam like but it is a great way of pissing people off.

Create great content – Post information that will entertain or educate your followers and demonstrate your expertise in your field. 

How do you define success?

On a personal level success is turning your passion into a career and making a living out of it. On a professional level it is creating a brand that is well respected and loved.

According to your definition, have you achieved your desired of success?

Not yet but I am working towards it.

3 inspirational personalities

  • Oprah Winfrey
  • Emily Weiss
  • Mum

Your favourite quote

Love what you do and do what you love.

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