Say Yes to Another Excess – TWERK


The performance and concept which was pieced together by the two, showed their fascination of dance practices from the streets of London to the city of New York. It combined the work of dance movements which have become iconic and renowned for their influence and relationship with culturally popular forms of music; such as drum and bass, jungle, dubstep, reggae, bashment, house, vouging and hype. Chaignaud and Bengolea collectively allowed audiences to be enlightened by their unique storytelling through the dance movement and emphasised this by forms of expression, which included both tastefully graphic and organic dance.

Twerk_image2_credit_Emile_Zeizig copy

The show which lasted for 50 minutes, began with the performers vouging – as they span in circles surpassing each other, they made angular shapes with their arms whilst remaining fiercely poised at the same time. A fascinating concept, it seemed like they were spinning for hours on end, until their movements unravelled and eventually allowed them to express themselves using different dance styles. The atmosphere transformed the blank auditorium; as the bass emerged from the speakers where audiences listened to the ferociousness of the music mixed by DJ’s from the Grime scene Eijah and Skilliam of London label Butterz who (believe it or not) made their debut participating in a theatre production. Their selection had the audiences bubbling and bobbing their heads to the bassline which held an incredible influence over the whole production.

Image Credit: Jean Marie Legros

Throughout the whole performance, we were invited into a realm of dance revolution, fabulous articulation and some unforgettable excessive twerking. The performers donned in barely there clothing and thrift shop garments paraded across the floor ‘werking’ and contouring their bodies to the rhythm of the music. Not only was it spectacular - complete with very effective strobe lighting, but it also allowed us to watch a whole new creative art form paying tribute to dance phenomena’s that we have become familiar with over decades, albeit controversial.

The performance definitely finished with a bang! As it drew to a close the dancers endured in a mass twerk off; jiggling, shaking and grinding their hips to the melody of the music – I really haven’t seen this much twerking in my life! But it was a new and exciting show to explore, very playful and extremely powerful at the same time.