This season is all about change, get yourself to the salon for a new look. Experiment with different lengths or if you are more confident, why not add some vibrant colour to your hair. Find out what we think is hot right now at Afronoire. These looks can surely make a difference, style it now!



For a new you, why not add some colour to your hair. This is the perfect season to brighten up your look. If you think the blonde hues are a bit played out, try a copper colour shown in the first picture or a Cherry/ Burgundy colour on the far right.

2. Short Do


Short crops always give you an edgy and playful look. It is easy to style in many ways but does acquire a lot of maintenance and specific hair products to keep it shiny and healthy. Avoid using too much oil, stick to light product s for everyday use.

3. Au Natural


It seems like many women are opting for the natural look as of late. Embrace the hair you were given from birth, especially if you were blessed with thick long natural hair, like Shingai from the Noisettes (far left). “Going natural” seems to be less hassle, as you do not put any chemicals in your hair. Remember to always moisturise ladies.

4. Long hair, don't care


If you still want length for this Summer, why not go for a middle part hair style. It is clean, fresh and lots can be done to it once you get bored of the straight look. If you want to be a bit different, try taking a section of hair from your fringe area and roll it back like VV Brown shown in the first picture. Pin the hair down with bobbi pins so it is secure.

5. Low

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This simple hairstyle brings more attention to the face. Whether you are completely bald or you have texturized or dyed your hair, it gives you a chance to experiment with makeup and accessorize more.

6. Big curly hair



Big curly hair is a favourite for female celebrities at the moment. Solange has been a huge influence to many, since she went natural. Get this diva look and you will not have to worry about putting an extravagant outfit together, the hair is already a big statement.

Words: Olivia Akot