Summer Holiday Hairstyles


We know that now the sun has arrived, you want to show off a cool, creative hairstyle.  Well, here are some styles you can do this summer holiday. COLOUR STREAKS

To create this look all you need is hair chalk.  Buy online or at your local beauty shop. Before applying the chalk, decide where you want to apply the colour, grab 1 or 2 inches of hair, twist, then apply the colour around the twisted strands.  For darker hair, before applying, spritz the hair before applying the chalk.  Once the hair dries, spray on hairspray or style the hair with a heating device to lock the colour in.  The colour should last between one to three days and will easily wash out when you shampoo.  Try bright neon colours, like pinks, oranges or reds.

A colour streaks hairstyle.


A lob is a long bob cut just above the shoulder.  Although many sport this look with straight hair, a lob can look just as amazing, with wavy hair.  My tip is to make sure the waves are loose; or if you want options, get a straight weave around 12 -14 inches and create the waves yourself.  If you have a longer weave, ask your hairstylist for a blunt cut that layers short from the back and long towards the front.

A lob hairstyle.


Perfect for those going natural.  If your hair is naturally, curly simply shampoo, condition and wrap hair with an old cotton shirt for 20 minutes.  Section hair into four, add moisturiser, wrap and let air dry overnight.  Unwrap the sections, finger comb the hair and style as desired.  If your hair isn’t naturally like this, you can use a 1-inch curling wand to create the tight curls or buy weave of a similar curl.

A kinky curly hairstyle.

There you have it three hairstyles bound to get you noticed this summer holiday.  Have Fun!


Words by Gloria Agbajor