Vlisco's Bloom Collection's introduces 5 new powdery colours

Luxury wax brand Vlisco introduces a new collection boasting of floral designs created with five delicate new powder colours.

The collection features a number of limited edition items with golden embellishments - true to to brand's signature use of intricate details. The featured powder colours: candy floss, mint green, baby blue, lilac and orange lolly are fresh, vibrant warm and blossoming. 


VL055632.06_extra_ext800_2 VL055570.06_extra_ext800_2 VL055632.06_extra_ext800_1 VL055570.06_extra_ext800_1 VL055553.06_extra_ext800_1 VL053226.06_extra_ext800_3 VL053226.06_extra_ext800_2 VL051405.06_extra_ext800_1 VL051422.06_extra_ext800_1 VL051422.06_extra_ext800_2 VL052190.06_extra_ext800_1 VL050793.06_extra_ext800_1 VL048509.06_extra_ext800_2 VL048509.06_extra_ext800_1