Wedding Dates


We are huge fans of the BWNG Network, here at AfroNoire and next month The Brothers With No Game channel will commission the new comedy series ‘Wedding Dates’. Wedding Dates follows the story of Sean and Jamie; an engaged couple who after a committed decade together, agree to allow each other to go on dates with other people just to experience 21st century dating for the first time. As long as they don’t break “The Rules”.

Written and directed by no stranger to the network Daniel Rusteau; who stars as the socially shy and awkward TV geek ‘Sean’ alongside actress Chinwe Nwokolo as ‘Jamie’, Sean’s cynical but adventurous fiancé. The series will also include appearances from Dawn Melissa Green as ‘Charlie’ Jamie’s straight-talking man eating friend and Mark Ota as ‘Wayne’, Sean’s fun-loving and lady killer best friend. With such an interesting combination of characters, we have no doubt that it’s going to make fantastic viewing.

This exciting six part series will be available on the BWNG channel in May and is a an insightful look into what it really means to love someone, what really counts as ‘cheating’ and if it’s possible to maintain love, lust and commitment in a long-term relationship. Set to be a unique and fast paced comedy, it’s already promised to show a culturally diverse range of talent and narratives.

We can’t wait to see the trailer, stay tuned!

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