WHAT'S IN YOUR BAG: With Choolips Designer - Annegret Affolderbach


Annegret is the founder and designer of sustainable fashion brand, Choolips - a womenswear label that's 'dreamt up in London, and made in Ghana'. Launched in 2007, the brand continues to introduce the luxuries of ancient textiles and traditions and high quality craftsmanship back into fashion, with collections boasting beautiful and exquisite details and colourful print telling stories of beauty and love. This ethos has now transitioned into the crafting of a collection of bags which Annegret sported as we met for brunch at Haagerston’s loveliest cafe – Bread and Butter. I couldn’t help but use this opportunity to find out more about her relationship with her bag.

Where did you purchase your bag?

The bag was made by my company Choolips in collaboration with Sandstorm, made in Nairobi Kenya.

What does your bag say about you?

Today had to be a practical and fun day. I love beautifully crafted things, objects. It’s says I’m having a good time today! 


What do you like most about your bag?

That it’s a product that came from me. I love the way it feels. I love the way the leather feels, it’s nice and soft and I know it’s going to age really well. I love the way it hangs when I carry it. The size suits me. It’s petite like mw. Another thing that I love most about the bag, is the concept behind it.  Read about the concept here

What do you carry in your bag?

I carry my French vintage sunglasses with a vintage glasses case, a copy of AFRONOIRE magazine, a Betty book notepad and a pen or pencil, my makeup bag, my snakeskin purse – which was first ever purchase made on the continent, in Gambia and an ugly umbrella, and my smartphone.

Amongst those items, what are your must-haves?

My blusher and my purse! 

Annegret can be found on Instagram as she shares her love for patterns, creative and beautifully crafted things.