Women In Africa History: An E-Learning Tool

Coincidently, after a brief conversation on the subject of patriarchy and its domination over many aspects of society - not to forget its transcendence of racial societal issues, we were served with a link to project: 'Women In Africa Historyvia social media.


The project serves as an e-learning tool offering modules on the lives of different women of African-descent who have contributed to history and whom have influenced change and/or who were agents of change themselves. Open to all, these historical female figures so far include: Miriam Makeba; Yaa Asantewaa; Bessie Coleman; Queen Nanny; Sojourner Truth; Nehanda Nyakasikana; Taytu Betul; Angie Elizabeth Brooks and many more.


Each module is structured in the following order:

  • Biography
  • A comic strip (to read online or download)
  • A pedagogical unit
  • A soundtrack (to listen online or download)
  • Complementary resources (comprised of web links, bibliographics and more)




Implemented by the Knowledge Societies Division of UNESCO’s Communication and Information Sector, this platform serves as a valuable source of information for educational institutions as well as individuals so we encourage you to check it out to discover phenomenal women whose stories are bound to inspire you and arm you with more knowledge.