I Worked In The Sex Industry - the shocking story of one woman's past

Faith is a strikingly beautiful woman. Her tall lean posture is a result from her profession as a fitness instructor. Her clients ranging from professional athletes to the housewives of millionaires. Faith is outgoing and friendly and her social circle counts for it. She lives in a nice house in a suburban area with her long-term engineer boyfriend and two dogs. This 33 year old has a ‘good’ life. But as the saying goes ‘everybody has got a past’.  

Faith was 22 years old and working as an assistant at her local gym for £30 per day. Faith had started a relationship with her then boyfriend called Robert. Robert owned his own flat and after a short romance, Faith moved in with Robert. Unfortunately, Robert was a heavy drinker and drug user and this eventually resulted in Robert loosing his job. Robert became depressed which caused him to drink and use more. With Faith being the only breadwinner of the two, it was up to her to keep up the mortgage repayments on Robert's flat, pay the bills and subsidise his drug and alcohol abuse. Why would any woman do this?


"It was easier to just pay for his drugs and beers. Robert would get really abusive, and to be honest. I was young and didn’t know any better. I thought I was in love.”


Robert’s drug dealer ‘Jason’ became a regular visitor to couples' flat and one night Faith was introduced to Jason’s wife, Kim. Kim was 35 years old, funny and appeared to be successful and full of confidence. She also had a keen interest in healthy eating and weight training. Due to Faith’s profession at the, gym the two became very good friends. However the common interest became obsessive. Faith remembers:


"At first, Kim was like a breath of fresh air to me because I was at such a low point in my life with Robert. She would give me advice and emotional support. But we became obsessed with body image. We would encourage each other to train hard and eat next to nothing. We had eating disorders”.


But alas, the dangerous obsession did not end there. Kim and Faith started to look into entering body building competitions. Kim suggested to Faith for a chance to enhance their performance and image they needed a substitute. Before Faith knew it, Kim was supplying her with regular steroids, and so Robert and Faith were both relying on this couple for their drug supply. Money became tight and Kim knew this. So one night Kim confided in Faith about how she made her money.


“She told me she was on the game and was pimping out girls. She was doing it for about 10 years and that's how she made her money. She said that I could make some great money, and I didn’t even have to do full sex. Just wank them off”.


Faith said she was desperate for money and agreed to give it ago. A week later Faith was introduced to ‘Stan’. A 60 year old man who lived alone. Stan did not want sex, he wanted to be hit hard on the bottom with riding crops. Faith laughed as she remembered. “ I made £75 in just 30 mins, for hitting an old man”. A big difference from her £30 per day job at the gym.


Faith said she became a regular for Stan and did ‘hand-jobs’ for other men. The most Faith earned in one hour was £130. The money was addictive and soon Faith made enough money to pay for a breast augmentation. “Yes I made enough to pay for a boob-job, but I hated every single bit of it. I felt cheap and degraded but the money was so easy and quick.”


Kim was Faith’s pimp and the game started to change. Regulars wanted to try other girls and men wanted more for the money they were prepared to pay out. “I had never done full sex, but your principles and standards change. To keep that money flowing you need to be willing to do things you would not ever dream off. I still had a junkie boyfriend to support and bills to pay”


Faith said her health deteriorated. She became skinny as she was undertaking an obsessive amount of training, she became hooked on diet pills, and suffered from insomnia. Then one day Kim offered a job for Faith with big money. “The job was for full sex. Kim had a designated driver for the girls to ferry them to jobs. It was on this day while I was being driven to this job, I completely broke down. The driver knew about the job and he just stopped the car and said to me “don’t do it”. He was the first person that showed me any compassion for a long time. It was then something clicked and I decided to get out of the sick game”.


Kim used to tell Faith ‘once you get in, you can’t get out’. However, Faith was determined. She texted Kim and told her she was finished. She ended her relationship with Robert and moved out. Faith said it was hard at first, she felt guilty leaving Robert and started smoking marijuana and drinking heavy to forget. One night Faith said she ended up at a reggae club and had what she calls a ‘Religious experience’. “I don’t know if I was high on drugs or if it was the people around me, but it was as if I felt the music starting to speak to me. I felt used and unloved for ages but this night my life turned around”.


Fast forward 10 years, Faith does not look like the unhappy person she described. I asked her what her plans were for her future. “I’m really happy right now. So my plan is to continue to be happy”.


I'd like to thank Faith for sharing this story with Afronoire.

*For the purpose of this story names have been changed to protect anonymity.