Yumnah Najah, remembers her friend - Karyn Washington and shares an invaluable message


Yumnah is a close friend of the late blogger. She has taken to YouTube to offer some enlightenment on Karyn's life and to share how we can continue Karyn's legacy - of encouraging and giving each other a sense of hope in life.

We couldn't agree more with Yumnah's message. Though there is a higher power that guides, protects and comforts us, depending on the extent in which we allow for that power to manifest itself into our lives - as creations of that higher power, not only our we responsible for our individual selves for also for each other. We are made and come from love, so our purpose in life is to exude love whenever we possibly can. It is the most important way in which we as a race have been surviving and will continue to survive and thrive.

In light to the skeptical judgements and discouraging comments surrounding Karyn's passing, Yumnah offers a solution as how we should be treating this tragedy and the lessons that can be learnt from it... the lessons which Karyn would have liked for us to walk ago with. She comments:

People have lost their sense of humanity. Because you forget that these are actual humans beings that you're talking about, these are lives that you're dealing with....People can be very judgemental...A lot of people were saying different things about suicide, a lot of things about this type of tragedy and I just kept thinking gin regards to some of the negative comments...'what if there was somebody reading this who was in the place that Karyn was...if they wee to read these types of comments, this would not inspire them, it wouldn't really help them to think that they can get through what they're going through. We have to alway think about what we're saying. How is it impacting the people that we're saying it to. If we speak, how is it going to effect the people that hear our words? Are they they going to encourage somebody? Or are they going to make them feel horrible about themselves? When you speak, you should have an intention behind your words. You have to understand that your words have so much power. Even if they're just typed on the computer, your words have a lot of power and Karyn chose to use her words and her heart in her life to encourage with her words... That is something we have to remember.

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Thank you, Yumnah.