Debra Oludare: Podcaster and Writer


Born in Nigeria, raised in Birmingham, Debra Oludare is a 27-year-old marketing professional, writer and as of a month ago, a ‘podcaster’. 

What’s for me, will not pass me by. 
— Debra Oludare

Having graduated with a degree in English and Psychology, it is within public relations that she found herself in, with a brief stint in journalism, to eventually finding a happy place in marketing.

Currently calling London home, she enjoys connecting with like-minded people and is dedicated to telling the stories of black women. Through her podcast ‘Trusting the Process’, launched a month ago, she shares the inspirational stories of black women with the purpose of contributing to the conversations around our experiences.

Apart from laughing a lot, writing and experimenting in the kitchen, Debra is focused on building ‘Trusting the Process’ as a brand and is looking forward to expanding beyond her wildest dreams.


In this edition of #noiretitude, Debra gives us a glimpse into her mindset and her aspiration(s). I’m excited about Debra’s podcast journey because all spaces and mediums via which we can gather, connect and share are important to magnifying our experiences and reclaiming our narratives. 


I am… a friend, sister, daughter, creator and lover. I am currently choosing to feel the fear and do it anyway. Whether that be through the launch of my podcast "Trusting The Process” - the show that celebrates black women doing big things or through daring to dream and make them a reality.

I revel in… connection, creativity and love. I tend to feel most alive when creating something I truly believe in or when connecting with loved ones. I revel in the freedom that comes with knowing that I am loved by God and do my best to live-loved from that place.

My work and creativity enables me to… touch others. I am a firm believer in using your gifts to inspire and help others. In the short space of time that my podcast has been launched, I have been blessed to receive kind words and messages from listeners who tell me it has awoken something within them. If I can inspire one person by sharing a story – then my work is done.

I nurture and protect my state of mind and being by… asking myself honestly how I am, regularly. As a naturally introspective person, I believe in navigating the state of my mind intentionally. A fun fact: I often talk to myself (in private lol), to breakdown how I am feeling. I find that when you are honest with yourself about your state of mind and can identify the factors that contribute to it, then you have more control. Ultimately, as a Christian, my true peace comes from knowing God and allowing Him to know me.

Self expression is… creating from a place that is true to you. Finding your passion(s) and being able to share that with the world. 

Creativity is… whatever feels good to the soul to make. 

I aspire to… continue to wholeheartedly be who I was made to be. To walk in my purpose. To fulfil destiny.

I am grateful for… currently? Love, laughter and second chances.

An affirmation… what’s for me, will not pass me by. 

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You can follow the podcast on Soundcloud / iTunes, engage and connect with Debra on Twitter and Instagram


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