Melissa Sinclair: Founder of Big Hair

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Melissa Sinclair is the founder of Big Hair + Beauty, a natural and artisan haircare brand founded in 2014.

I am ever expanding, yet whole. I am a magnet for the experiences I most desire.
— Melissa Sinclair

Nominated by Vogue Beauty Award, Big Hair + Beauty is on a mission to redefine what it means to be a beauty brand. In addition to offering products for afro and curly hair types, the brand has become a lifestyle, prioritising self-care. Believing that self-care is an intrinsic part of beauty, Melissa created Big Hair Self-Care - a series of wellness events, addressing nutrition, mental health, fitness, for women of colour.


Read further below for a glimpse into Melissa’s mindset, aspirations and motivations.


I am… an infinite well of possibilities in an infinite universe.

I revel in… knowing that there’s so much of the world to explore and that there are things known, things unknown and things we’ll never know.

My work and creativity enables me to… re-imagine how I wish to see the world.

I nurture and protect my state of mind and way of being by… sitting with myself in honesty and truth, and being open to learning and unlearning.

Self expression is... being unapologetic about who we are and allowing ourselves to be multi-faceted beings.

Creativity is… feeling more than thinking.

I aspire to… allow myself to continue to evolve and trust the process so I can fulfil my purpose.

I am grateful for… every gift that I’ve been given, have now, and have yet to receive.

An affirmation…  I am ever expanding, yet whole. I am a magnet for the experiences I most desire.

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