3L: Live, Laugh, Love (Web Series)

Klever Films and Francesca Andre set to premiere a true to life, 7 episode arc, about the pains of change, growing up, failure, and finding the courage and strength to start fresh.


Indie Writer/Producers Francesca Andre and Kerson Raymond tell the tale of Gaelle (Melanie Charles), a young, ivy league educated African American woman who, after a devastating breakup with her boyfriend of five years, takes a risk and relocates to Bedstuy, worlds away from her comfort zone. Of course, things don't go as planned, as she now faces the harsh new reality in a highly competitive, take-no-prisoners place like New York. 




3L: Live, Laugh, Love follows Gaelle as she adjusts to her new reality in the art mecca of Brooklyn without a job, money, or a boyfriend. Lucky for her, she’s not alone. She has an eclectic group of sisters to support her through the inevitable challenges she will experience on her path towards self-discovery and success.



It’s a compelling journey. One that Gaelle works to redefine herself as she begins a new journey as a jazz vocalist, poet and amateur cook, a strong, healthy and positive woman in the face of worry, pain, and uncertainty. 3L: Love, Laugh, Love is the poetic realism of following dreams, balancing happiness in a female centric mode.


The cast list includes: Melanie Charles, Lian Amado, Lorry Francois, Kelly Bartnik, Tanis Parenteau, Neill Omari, Greg Walker and Mac H Plaise. 


The series will debut in June and each episode will last around 5-7 minutes.


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