5 Fashion Rules To Live By

Style, because your personality isn’t the first thing people see.

Ladies, let's face it. We get fashion rules every season and those who aren't fashion conscious, it can be very overwhelming. I am giving you five fashion tips that no matter the season, are timeless and classic. For now, forget if you should wear prints or floral this season, lets focus on the foundation and the basics that you should have!

1. No high heels if you can’t wear them properly


I have see so many ladies walking around looking uncomfortable in heels. I advise you to train at home in them before you go out. Put your favourite heels on, turn on some music and create your very own fashion show. Heels should make you feel and look confident. Remember, practice makes perfect!

2. Dress your personality


“Style, because your personality isn’t the first thing people see” - that statement is very debatable. The way you dress is a reflection of your personality. Don’t let the magazines dictate what looks good on you. Authenticity is key!

3. Have 4 items that never goes out of style

The following items are essential pieces to every woman's closet.

Little black dress



Regardless of how conscious or not you are about fashion, everyone knows of the infamous “Little Black Dress”. Changing your accessories every time you wear it makes the dress unrecognisable each time. When in doubt, wear your little black dress!

Black blazer



A black blazer is a component that can be the foundation of your wardrobe. It’s not only smart for the office. With the right complementary pieces, you can wear a black blazer just about everywhere.

White crisp shirt



This is a fashion staple that no female should live without. We sometimes forget how versatile and classic it is and very easy to work into our wardrobe. For a professional look, pair it with a skirt or for a casual look, it can be worn with jeans in seconds!

Demin jeans



Classic blue denim will never be outdate nor go out of style! It is always present on the international catwalks and is a must-have item in everyone’s wardrobe.

4. Details

The Faces Campaign with Brie Russell & Ava Turnquest

Never underestimate the power of details. The last thing on is the first thing noticed, food stains don’t count though! Take necklaces as an example. Try not to overdo it with the accessories because more doesn’t always mean better. In the words of Mademoiselle Chanel - “take off the last accessory you put on before you leave the house”.

5. Be confident in your style



There is nothing more sexy and empowering than seeing a woman who wears her clothes in style and confidence. Don’t let your clothes wear and control you! Always wear a smile, strut with confidence and turn heads!

Words: Periesa Palmer