BEAUTY TALK: Hair Transitioning


The definition of the term is almost self-explanatory: going from one phase to another. It really is not that difficult once you wrap your head around it - literally.

My hair had been relaxed for about 4 years. I had always taken good care of it. However, the need to change overwhelmed me to the point where I decided to dye it and consequently killed it completely. My hair dried out, I went on holiday and it was extremely hot, my hair was always exposed to chlorine and was neglected.

When I arrived in London, I decided to cut it in order to treat it. However, I was made aware through research that hair will never revert back to a former state. After that, I found myself in a state of frustration and started to muse on the idea of cutting my hair and starting over but texturise my hair instead instead of using a relaxer.

In order to find out more about what I could do, I looked for videos on YouTube to enlighten me. I came across what seemed to me like a ‘Going Natural’ revolution! It perplexed me to see how the perception of natural hair had changed and how it was spreading worldwide. Educating myself on how to take care of my natural hair, finding out more about the history of relaxers, the whole idea behind embracing our hair and seeing the beauty in my hair… just won me over!

“Going natural” is becoming a popular trend as time goes by. Why? I don’t know. What I do know is that it is not as easy as accepting what you are born with and learning to deal...sorry did I say deal? My bad, what I really meant was take care of it. We deal with problems and your natural hair, regardless of its texture, is not one!

The real problem is what your mind contends. Perhaps those of you who decided to transition realised this and decided to revert. Please understand that your chemically processed hair will not, revert, what can however revert is the attitude you have towards your hair. Yes, you can go back to that beautiful state you were born in.

Letting your hair grow without chemically altering your roots, you are beginning the transitioning phase – just like that! I decided to transition for three months before I decided to do the ‘big chop’. When transitioning, you will notice that you now have 2 different hair textures. The first texture is what we refer to ‘regrowth’.

Some people decide to transition before doing their ‘big chop’ simply because it is human nature to fear the unknown. How will my natural hair be? Will I look good with it? – These are some of the questions many people consider before making that decision of ‘going natural’.

Transitioning gives you a little bit more control and security. Who knows? Perhaps you might change your mind and just give up on the idea, go back to chemicals and maintain your length. Transitioning allows you to “grow” your natural hair to a length that appeals to you. This is why transitioning is timeless – you are able control how long it goes for.

Words: Bianca Gourgel